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Workshop “Stepanavan city resilience –lessons learned’’

On March 25-26, within the frames of Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform , World Vision Armenia in cooperation with Stepanavan Municipality and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situation of the Republic of Armenia (MTA ES) has implemented “Stepanavan city resilience –lessons learned’’ workshop in Stepanavan, Lori region.
Representatives from the UN Development Programme, Armenian Red Cross Society, LORE rescue team, DRR National Platform, UNICEF, Armenian offices of Oxfam and Save the Children international organizations, as well as World Vision Eastern Europe and Middle East resilience sector coordinator Elsa Karnaby, as well as the Head of urban development Group Alineh Rahbany.
The objective of the workshop was to introduce the acquired ideas and experience of all the stakeholders of Stepanavan city resilience building process.
During the workshop, participants were divided into working groups and discussed sustainability, accountability and partnership strengthening issues. Each group came up with its speech presenting the activities carried out in Stepanavan, lessons learned and introduced relevant recommendations, which will be used to make the further process more efficient. The results of the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in March, 2015 in Sednai, Japan, where UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction awarded Stepanavan city with the ‘Role Model’ certificate and approved Hyogo Framework for Action 2 (HFA -2) were also discussed.

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