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On March 23 within the frames of Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform a workshop was held regarding Local Level Risk Assessment Results implemented in 10 target communities of Vayots Dzor region.
The meeting was organized by Oxfam, “Support to Communities” NGO and Vayots Dzor regional rescue department.
The assessment was carried out by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department’s Disaster Preparedness Program (DIPECHO) programme and within the frames of “ Supporting Community Resilience in the South Caucasus Region” program and in cooperation with“ Support to Communities” NGO, LORE NGO and ‘Against Legal Violation” NGO .
The role and importance of “Local Level Risk Management” (LLRM) model was introduced during the meeting, which helps to identify existing problems and provide relevant the ways to solve those problems.
During the meeting, the issue of “Community Risk Assessment” certificate was discussed, target communities were given the results of LLRM implemented in their communities.
Based on the evaluation results “Support to Communities” NGO in cooperation with stakeholders, will choose the priority risks in communities in order to implement small construction activities.

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