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DRR Project Closing Event in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Օn June 25 “National Platforms for DRR: Enhancing cooperation and coordination within the context of preparedness and prevention” project closing event was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The event has been organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic and the German Committee for DRR (DKKV). The project has been implemented jointly with the Secretariat of the National Platform for Disaster Reduction of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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On June 16 -18, a training of trainers on “Making cities resilient- My city is getting ready ” was jointly organized in the Armenian office of the UN by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, the UN Development Programme, UN Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) International Office, DRR National Platform foundation and the Crisis Management State Academy .

The purpose of the training was,
• To provide to the participants with knowledge on the global campaign of “Making Cities Resilient”, to teach them how to use the tools, materials, and approaches to ensure resilience at the local level.
• Prepare trainers who contribute to the increase of their communities’ resilience level by their activities.
During the training, the participants were introduced to “Making Cities Resilient” global campaign and its tools, ‘’Making Cities resilient,, campaign’s 10 fundamental principles based on case studies.
Participants practiced working in groups tried to use the “Making Cities Resilient” global campaign’s used tools, to identify potential problems of alleged city and develop the resilience action plan of a community .
During the workshop, it was spoken about the skills and abilities of the trainer that make the work more efficient.
The workshop participants receive trainer’s certificate.

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On April 15, a workshop on “Environmental Emergency Situations Management and FEAT integration” took place in Armenian office of the UN.
The aim was to prepare training of trainers, to introduce the FEAT (Flash Environmental Assessment Tool) and how it should be applied at environmental emergency situations.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to use FEAT on the basis of alleged environmental emergency situations’ examples through group activities.
The workshop was organized with joint efforts of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, the UN Development Programme, the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UN Environment Programme, the Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform and Crisis Management State Academy.

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Today, on April 22, RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations (TAES) Mr. Armen Yeritsyan visited Ministry of TAES Crisis Management State Academy (CMSA) to get acquainted with the process of Crisis Management Center (CMC) dispatcher training courses second phase being held from 13 to 23 of April and implemented within the frames of United Nations Development Programme joint project “Strengthening national capacities for disaster preparedness and risk reduction”. Within the frames of the courses German Red Cross (GRC) Baden-Wurttemberg Provincial Branch (BW PB) provincial school specialists together with CMSA lecturers and CMC specialists hold professional courses during the ten days of the training on crisis management legal essentials, technical structure of the control center, stress and stress management, conversation maintenance, first aid on telephone and other topics.

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