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The meeting of “Local Level Risk Management” thematic group

On May 30 at 15.30 “LLRM” thematic group meeting was held in the “House of Hope”. Representatives from “LorE” rescue team, UNDP, “Support to Communities” NGO, OXFAM Armenia, “Disaster Management and Public Awareness” center and World Vision Armenia participated in the meeting.

It was decided:
1. To develop and to use one general assessment tool for the community risk management taking as a basis the local level risk management manual published in 2012.
2. To make researches in DRR NP framework and with the help of “LorE” R/T, which will not only implement the researches, but also make DRR teams in communities involving them in the assessment process, thus developing the community DRR capacities.
3.To plan and to develop a timetable and terms of reference for the implementation of researches.
4. To ensure the coordination and the information exchange process via DRR NP.
5. To ensure the access of the research outcomes to partner organizations, providing relevant reports to DRR NP Foundation.
6. To arrange a meeting in the second half of June to discuss and establish future actions.

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