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Tatevik Barseghyan

Was born in 1994, 16th February. In 2010 she finished Nօ 117 school after K. Zaryan. In 2010-2014 she studied in Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (BA), specification – linguist, psychologist.
In 2008-2015 she was volunteer at German Red Cross (GRC) Baden-Wurttemberg (BW) provincial branch (PB) subsidiary in Armenia, in 2013–2015 was First Aid Instructor at Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS). In 2014 she took interview within the community members in the framework of “DRR in city communities” program at ARCS. In 2014 –2015 she worked as site administrator at Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform (DRR NP). In 2015 she participated in “Au-pair” program in Germany. In March-December 2016 she was volunteer at DRR NP, currently she works as a Project Assistant.
Since March 2016 she continues her volunteer work at GRC BW PB. ... Read More