Training on “First Psychological Assistance in Emergency Situations” for students of CMSA

On December 19, an introductory course on “Providing First Psychological Assistance in Emergency Situations” was held for students of Crisis Management State Academy.

The purpose of the training was to form knowledge and skills on the first psychological assistance in emergency situations for students, as well as raise the level of their interest towards the newly developing field in Armenia.

ARNAP Foundation’s psychologist-experts Angelika Ayvazyan and Anahit Sargsyan conducted the training. Training consisted of theoretical and practical parts.

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We have talked about the newest technologies multiple times, particularly about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Their application fields are numerous. Nowadays they are used in field of agriculture, disaster risk reduction, emergency response, defense, mapping, monitoring and etc. . In last two years, UAVs have been widely used in Armenia by the governmental and private organizations, as well as individuals.

It is an undeniable fact that their application gives new and more effective opportunity for solutions to the existing problems. But, this scientific and technological progress and its widespread using raise new risks.
All this has led to an initiative aimed at regulating this new field in Armenia.

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