Completing the Manual on “First Psychological Assistance in Emergency Situations”

In the frame of cooperation with DRR National Platform/ARNAP Foundation, United Nations Development Programme and RA MES Psychological Assistance Department of Crisis Management National Centre a series of activities were developed and implemented, aim of which was to develop national capacities of the first psychological assistance in emergency situations. There are particularly being developed Manual on “First Psychological Assistance in Emergency Situations” and “Procedure for organizing First psychological assistance”. At the stage of creation is a psychologist roster, which is needed in large scale emergency situations to fill the lack of psychologists providing the first psychological assistance (response forces, as a rule, always lack specialists in large scale emergency situations) and to regulate the field.

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25.09.2018. A regular meeting of the Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform’s “First Aid” theme group, the aim of which was to present and discuss the legislative reforms regulating package for the First Aid field.

The package of proposals has been developed taking into consideration and studying the international experience of the legislative regulation of the First Aid field and the current state of legislative regulation of the field the in Armenia. On the basis of international experience, the first aid in the form of concepts and articles has been formulated in the RA “Law on Health”.

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