Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform (ARNAP Fund)

Natural and technological hazards threatening Armenia urge the need of development and strengthening of DRR system in Armenia. This process implies involvement of all the potential of the country, which can be achieved through elaboration of DRR National Platform.

December 2010 – National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction has been established. Fund was selected as a format of the platform out of all the alternatives discussed among the working group. Being a non-governmental organization, it provides opportunities for state, non-governmental, private and international institutions to participate in decision-making and consultation processes. At the same time, it provides opportunities for organizing and controlling day-to-day operational activities, implementing long-term projects; it also provides necessary flexibility to respond to new challenges. ARNAP Fund (Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform) has been suggested as a name for the fund. ... Read More