The German delegation in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

On June 18, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegation led by vice ambassador of Germany Nadia Likhtenberg visited RA Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The objective of the visit was the provision of counseling on security and crisis prevention issues. MoES chief of staff Hamlet Hakobyan expressed gratitude for the visit, noting that the cooperation between the two countries is on a high level. H. Hakobyan introduced to the delegation the structure, main functions, achievements and projects of the MoES, briefly touched upon the international cooperation of MoES: “149 seismic stations were installed in the Republic of Armenia, which responds to even slight variations. We also have radon stations, and soon will be opening Garni renovated observation station, where there is a 370 m long deformograph”.

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On June 13th, the launch of “Prevention of the harms of disasters and the reduction of children’s vulnerability in Armenia” program was officially announced in the Contemporary Experimental Art center. It’ll be implemented by UNICEF by financing of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance in cooperation with RA Ministries of Emergency Situations, Urban Development, Education and Science.

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