A Post – 2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: National Consultations on Indicators’ System – Armenia

On July 24-25 in “Marriot” hotel, Tsaghkadzor was held a meeting on the theme “A Post – 2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: National Consultations on Indicators’ System – Armenia” for the purpose to make an analytical research on DRR suggested targets and potentiality of viability and applicability.
Representatives from RA Ministry of Environmental Protection, RA Ministry of Urban Development, “For Sustainable Human Development”/UNEPCom NGO, RA National Statistical Service , RA Ministry of Economy , DRR NP Foundation, UNDP, Yerevan Municipality, Ministry of Territorial Administration , OXFAM in Armenia, World Vision Armenia, UNICEF and from Human development international center participated in the workshop.

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On July 17 Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) National platform “Climate change risk mitigation and adaptation” thematic group meeting was held in the “House of Hope” charity center. The meeting was attended by representatives from OXFAM, Actuary MicroInsurance center, UNDP Armenia, World Vision Armenia, RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, UNICEF and DRR NP Foundation.
The welcoming speech said Ara Barseghyan presenting the objectives of the meeting.
Within the framework of UNDP – BCPR programme “Mitigation of the Risks of Climate Change of Rural Communities through Local Development Improved Planning” UNDP international expert Klimens Tatin-Zhalera, who came to Armenia in July to make researches for the agricultural insurance investments, for the development of the road map for gradual implementation of a more applicable crop insurance scheme, had the aim to obtain information with the help of climate change adaptation thematic group on climate risk management and insurance-related issues and achievements in the field of agriculture, agricultural features of subsidy, the government, the role of the Ministry of Agriculture and insurance companies, about the reforms, as well as to explore the local weather specifications, landscape changes and their level of vulnerability of agriculture related to them.
It was decided:
1. To arrange one more meeting with the Climate Change Adaptation thematic group members, where the international expert Klimens Tatin – Zhalera will represent her suggestions taking into consideration the approaches discussed during the first meeting.
2. To develop a general solution for the sustainable development of rural communities and to decide which organization it should be carried through.

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HFA helps Armenia reduce risk

16 July 2014 – Armenia’s Minister of Emergency Situations has praised the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) for inspiring “significant progress” in his country’s efforts to reduce disaster risk.

Minister Armen Yeritsyan said the implementation of the HFA over the last decade, provided a good starting point for the upcoming World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, in Sendai, Japan, in March 2015, and that Armenia “is optimistic that a very useful new framework to help countries further reduce their disaster risk would be developed”. A new framework will be adopted at the World Conference following extensive worldwide consultations.

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RA MoES: model for other countries

On July 16, MoES deputy minister Haykaram Mkhitaryan hosted one of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) representatives Radoslav Zhehak. He has lately been appointed to that position and having rich experience in the field of Emergency management wished to learn more about activities of MoES and discuss discuss the issues related to the cooperation.

Get Airport Ready for Disaster (GARD) Training

On 9th-10th of July GARD (Get Airports Ready for Disaster) trainings are being held in Gyumri. It is organized by UNDP, MoES and Deutsche Post DHL.
So far GARD program has been implemented in 21 local airports in the countries as Indonesia (2009 and 2011), Nepal (2010), Bangladesh (2011), Lebanon and Turkey (2012), El Salvador, Philippines and Panama (2013).
In October 2013 RA Ministry of Emergency Situations in the cooperation with UN Development Programme, the General department of Civil Aviation, ”Zvartnots” International Airport and with the involvement of the specialists of the Deutsche Post DHL in the framework of “Get airports ready for disaster” global programme has undertaken a process of making Armenian airports resilient to emergency situations, to ensure the continuation of normal activities and airport capacity strengthening process, in the first phase of which the programme has been held in ”Zvartnots” international airport.
As “Shirak”Airport is the second international airport of the RA, it has been decided to implement the second phase of the program there.
The objectives of the programme:
1. The objective of the programme is to prepare airports disaster prone zones for managing the arriving flow of humanitarian aid goods.
2. The objective of the training is to assess the capacities of “Shirak Airport”.

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Workshop “Coordination of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan”

On July 8-9 in Bishkek city the workshop “Coordination of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan” was held. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the coordination mechanisms and the last two-year achievements of DRR NP Republic of Kyrgyzstan to the organizations and other interested parties in DRR national level, as well as the introduction of annual reports on Hyogo activities.
The Armenian DRR NP Foundation was also invited to the workshop to represent the structure of Armenian platform, funding sources, activity mechanisms within the country, achievements, as well as the juridical field, which provides platform activities.

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