On 8-9 of September 2014 a meeting was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. The meeting was organized by UNDP-BCPR, Disaster Risk Reduction Team (DRRT). The representatives from Sweden, Luxembourg, Armenia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda participated in the meeting.

Objectives of the Meeting:
Understanding the need for cross-disciplinary technical expertise coming from both DRR and CCA communities of practice to support the ICRMP implementation, this dialogue/meeting is organized to bring relevant government actors and DRR and CCA experts and practitioners from the UN and other international technical organizations to identify practical strategies to further the integration of DRR and CCA beyond collaboration and into fully integrated Climate Risk Management (CRM) at the global, regional and national levels.
Specifically, the meeting will:
1. Develop a common understanding of CRM approach and how it is applied in different contexts;
2. Share experiences of regional and technical organizations in developing the capacities of governments related to climate services, climate risk assessment, mainstreaming disaster and climate risk management concerns into development planning and identify measures to build community/sectoral climate resilience;
3. Present the overview of the ICRMP implementation at global, regional and national levels (Armenia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal and Uganda);
4. Explore opportunities for collaboration with regional and international institutions and promote experience sharing on CRM related issues;
5. Address options for altering / expanding current work-plans of the ICRMP at the national project level;
6. Identify strategic action points to enhance the qualitative impact of the interventions under CRM programme.

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