“People protection management in case of strong earthquake, implementation of national assistance and cooperation with international powers” workshop (“Garni 2014”)

On 16-17 September of current year a workshop was held. Director of Rescue Service, Lieutenant-general of Rescue Service Sergei Azaryan and representative of US Embassy’s Office of Military Cooperation Justin Rutledge made their opening remarks.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Director of Rescue Service, Major General of Rescue Service Vrezh Gabrielyan. The main objective of the meeting was to present the National response plan of protection of population in case of possible strong earthquake in the territory of Armenia, issues, possibilities and functions of staff during implementation of measures, implementation of actions before, during and after earthquake.
There were discussed capabilities of each of the participating structure, implementation of works, the level of preparedness and functions in case of strong earthquake, the lessons learned from the earthquake in Spitak, problems of earthquake-resistant construction, issues connected with public awareness. At the end of the meeting participants gave a summary of the process and result of the workshop trough free discussion.
In the result of the meeting it was decided to complete, develop and refine plans, taking into account international reach experience connected with the response of earthquakes. As well as in 2015 along with Kansas authorities more actively integrate new phase of field training exercises, planning conference of which will commence in the next day of this workshop, where the participants will determine how and with what criteria it should be implemented with.
At the end of the workshop participants awarded with certificates.

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Concluding Meeting of the 22nd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

On 10 September – 12 September a meeting was held in Prague, Czech Republic. It was organized by Swiss OSCE Chairmanship 2014 and the Office of the Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities.
Natural disasters severely affect the security and safety of nations and communities. There is a clear need to foster local, national and international capacities for mitigation and prevention, preparedness, forecasting and early warning for, response to, and recovery from natural disasters. Investing in disaster prevention, developing mechanisms for better assistance coordination, raising awareness of the population and increasing the resilience of nations and communities are topics best dealt with in an integrated, holistic approach to disaster risk management. Hence, the OSCE – with its comprehensive, security concept – is a good platform to discuss this theme.

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