Vahan Harutyunyan was born on August 20, 1991 in Aygabats village, Akhuryan. In 2008 he finished N1 school after A. Katunyan in Akhuryan. 2009-2011 he served in the Armed forces of Republic of Armenia. In 2014 he graduated from RA MES Crisis Management State Academy, the faculty of Emergency Situation and Crisis Management. Since 2012 he works as a security guard at ”Ar-Mobile” security service. In 2014 he was a volunteer at DRR NP foundation, Armenian Red Cross Society and German Red Cross (GRC) Baden-Wurttemberg Provincial Branch (BW PB). Since 2015 he studies in RA MES Crisis Management State Academy for Master’s degree. During 2015, he worked as website administrator at DRR NP foundation. In January-September, 2016 he was volunteer at DRR NP Foundation. Since September he works as a website administrator at DRR NP Foundation. ... Read More