STAFF training

July 7 to 9, a staff training took place on “Organization of public awareness and crisis communication during the disasters (strong earthquakes)”.
The training was organized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations (MTAES) and US Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation.

The main purpose of the training was “organize” a strong earthquake and ensure the participation of all during the strong earthquake in the works of “United Interagency Information Center (UIIC),” and give accurate and correct information to the public.
The training was conducted according to the premeditated plan, in which there was a strong earthquake in one of the regions of Armenia (10-11 point), there are dead and injured people. As a result of the earthquake, as secondary results were included nuclear power plant failure and the disruption of reservoirs dam in one of the regions of Armenia.
In response to the plan of the situation, subsequently the president and prime minister made talks, invited the press conferences with the state administration bodies (ministries, departments, administrations), private companies (gas, water, electricity, communications, nuclear power) and representatives of international organizations.
Training was attended by almost all ministries, departments and regional administrations, as well as a variety of media, private sector and international organizations.
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On July 7, a meeting took place in the frame of ”Strenghtning of National system of social protection resilience in Armenia” project.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the local and international experts works’ final reports in the frame of above mentioned project.

The opening speech was given to Haykaram Mkhitaryan , the deputy minister of ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situation and presented the main goal of the project, i.e during the disasters provide assistance to socially vulnerable population and the improvement of mechanisms that make it possible to minimize increasing social factors.
The opening speech was given to Movses Poghosyan, the director of Disaster Risk Reduction national platform(DRR NP), Astghik Minasyan, the director Social Support Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) and Tigran Tovmasyan, the DRR project coordinator of the UN child’s Fund.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of MTAES of RA, MLSA of RA, UN Children’s fund, DRR NP foundation, Save the Children Armenia, Oxfam Armenia, The Armenian Red Cross Society, Armenia “Roundtable” Foundation, Armenian Relief Society, “Support to Communities” NGO and the territorial divisionsof social protection.

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