A round-table disscussion in the frame of program “Ensure sustainsbility of DRR activities”

On August 11, a round-table discussion was held in the frame of the project ,,Ensure the sustainability of DRR activities” funded by the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and Civil protection department within the UN Child’s fund and Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform foundation(DRR NP).
The purpose of the meeting was,
• Provide education experts with an accomplished work, and their appropriate proposals on the grounds,
• Listen to the opinions and proposals of the partners on related issues.

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August 2-3, a workshop on the theme “Integration of DRR indicators in sustainable development of Armenia” was organized at Aghveran in the frame of Disaster risk reduction (DRR) National platform within the UN Development Programme and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations.
The main objective of the workshop is to discuss how to localize DRR new global strategy objectives and indicators.

The workshop was attended by almost all the ministries, police and national statistical service, Yerevan City Hall, “DRR National Platform”, “Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development”, the United Nations Children’s Funds, the Armenian Red Cross society, the UN Office for Humanitarian Assistance, UNDP, Save the Children and World Vision’s offices.
During the first day it was presented reports on “Post Rio + 20 Development Agenda for Armenia. Process and results so far”, ”Introducing Sustainable development indexes for DRR”, “Update on Expert meeting on Developing indicators for DRR”. On the second day, the participants were divided into working groups and discussed the following issues.
• Proposed global structure of the system (Sendai Framework Action)
• SFA indicators’ proposed structure,
• The proposed system’s localization in Armenia,
• Further action plan.
At the end of the workshop it was suggested.
• Arrange one more meeting to discuss above mentioned issues in details,
• Update DRR terminological vocabulary,
• Translate Sendai Framework Action (SFA)
• Arrange meetings with all the ministries and departments to present SFA and inform about the role of each in these global strategic planning,
• Other

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