On January 26, 2016 a seminar-meeting on “DRM capacity building process” took place on the initiative of UNDP and with the support of DRR NP and RA MTAES.
The aim of the meeting was to assess RA DRR and DRM capacities, to discuss and further to reveal existing disadvantages, to make DRM road map as well as to determine next steps.
Movses Poghosyan (DRR NP director), KO Takeuchi (World Bank DRM specialist), Nikolay Grigoryan (RA MTAES rescue service deputy director), Armen Chilingaryan (UNDP coordinator) and Ara Nazinyan (World Bank consultant) welcomed the participants.
The seminar-meeting consisted of 2 main parts. Different articles were represented in the first part: “Sendai framework for action and DRM capacity building in RA”, “RA capacity development during 2010-2015” “World Bank DRM national program” and “DRM suggested format and assessment process”. Participants were divided into different thematic groups to implement DRM capacity assessment.
Discussions were held in the following thematic groups:
1. DRR system, communities, urban development, cadastre
2. Health and social security
3. Education, science, culture, awareness, youth issues
4. Agriculture and environment (climate change)
5. Economy, transport, communication, infrastructure, natural resources, energetics
The meeting was attended by other UN agencies, Yerevan municipality, international organizations and media representatives.

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