First Psychological Assistance Sphere in Emergency Situations is being Developed

One of the components of “Disaster Risk Reduction National Capacity Building Program” implemented by “National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction” (ARNAP) Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the development of national capacities of providing the first psychological assistance in emergencies. The project is funded by the Directorate- General of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department and is implemented with the direct participation of the RA MES RS Crisis Management National Center’s Psychological Assistance Department.

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May 17, 2018. Representatives from a number of institutions (Ministry of Education and Science, Emergency Management, Crisis Management Ministry, UNICEF, DRR National Platform, Oxygen Foundations, Save the Children Representative in Armenia, etc.) being involved in the development of the DRM model plans, gathered at the “House of Hope” Charity Center to discuss possible ways of implementing disaster risk management (DRM) model plans in schools and kindergarten.

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Working meetings in Akhtala within the frame of EU “Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction (ALTER)” project

May 4, 2018: Within the frame of EU funded “Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction (ALTER)” project implemented in Armenia by Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform (ARNAP) Fund and AUA were held working meetings with Mr. A. Tamazyan, Head of Akhtala consolidated community and Mr. M. Margaryan, Safety Engineer of Akhtala Mining and Processing Enterprise, CJSC.

At the meeting from ARNAP were present Mr. A. Barseghyan, Acting Director; Mrs. S. Mnatsakanyan Project Coordinator and Mrs. H. Sargsyan, Project Assistant. The AUA was presented by Ms. A. Harutyunyan, GIS Specialist and Mr. V. Hayrapetyan, Nature Protection and Tailing Dump Specialist. At the meeting was also present Mr. K. Hovhannisyan, Head of Lori Regional (Marz) Rescue Service Department, (MES).

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Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction: ALTER project

The European Union’s “Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction (ALTER)” project launched in Armenia on 2 February is implemented by Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform (ARNAP), the American University of Armenia, European University of Cyprus, National Security and Defense Research Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and National Observatory of Athens.

As main objective of the Alter project is the enhancement of community resilience through public-private partnerships (PPP), as well as adoption and adaptation of modern practices for risk management planning and implementation through transfer of experience and best practices of EU Civil Protection Mechanism countries. In case of disaster risk management, the PPP requirement is to ensure the development of bilateral cooperation opportunities, contributing to building and enhancing community resilience. From risk challenges the project, as a major hazard, focuses on floods that can happen after reservoir/dam’s failure due to earthquake and hit the settlements around, particularly the tailing dams located in the area.

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Meetings in the frame of the First Aid (FA) Thematic Group

April 9, 2018. “First Aid” (FA) thematic group’s “Development and Introduction of National Standards for the treatment of FA” subgroup meeting was held.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the work carried out and implemented within the subgroup as well as to divide future work.

During the meeting, Zara Khudoyan, the head of ”Development and Introduction of National Standards for the treatment of FA” subgroup, presented the definitions of a number of concepts used in the FA sphere, and a discussion was launched around it. The head of the FA thematic group Armine Poghosyan presented the materials she had studied and proposed a new format for the development of National FA treatment indicators.

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Issues Related to Introduction of Local Level Risk Management (LLRM) Application Module was Discussed

A couple of days ago was held a meeting
• to discuss issues related to introduction of LLRM application module in the communities, including the coordination process, analysis, appointment of responsible persons, etc.
• based on discussion results to clarify the agenda of the forthcoming Resilience Forum launched by the OxYGen Foundation.

After discussions it became clear, that for development of the most effective steps for introduction of the LLRM module, first of all, the representatives of the territorial management and development system should have a clear understanding of how the LLRM module works and then think of its proper and effective implementation.

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