The reguliar batch of DRR equipment was handed over to the Tumanyan and Alaverdi community administrations.

The equipment was acquired within the framework of the “Enhancing Human Security and Building Resilient Societies in Disadvantaged Communities of Armenia” project funded by the UN Trust Found.

The rest of the equipment was also handed over earlier to the Berd and Amasia municipalities.

The acquired equipment is planned to distribute to the selected kindergartens and schools of the mentioned communities in the first quarter of 2020. 9 kindergartens in Jiliza, Tsakhkashat, Kachachkut, Ahnidzor, Atan, Martz, Shamut, Amasia and Gtashen communities will be provided with 1 fire panel (includes 2 fire buckets, 1 fire spade, 1 fire gaff, 1 blanket for firefighting), 1 fire extinguisher, 1 first aid kit. ... Read More

Two-day workshop was held on “Emergency Preparedness and Response”

On December 17-18, a workshop on “Emergency Preparedness and Response” was organized in Tsakhkadzor by the joint efforts of the Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform Foundation and UNICEF.
The aim of the workshop was to introduce participants with UNICEF’s actions in the event of a major emergency in Armenia, as well as a humanitarian aid products list provided by UNICEF and their delivery and distribution procedures.

During the workshop the following reports were presented.
– “Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action” strategy
– The plan of protection for the population of the Republic of Armenia in case of a strong earthquake
– UNICEF emergency plan in case of an earthquake
– Interagency plan for the UN Emergency Response Team and the cluster approach used at its launch
– UNICEF norms in the field of education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene
– List of urgent items needed for child protection by UNICEF in Emergency Situations, their calculation and procurement procedures. ... Read More


By the initiative of the Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform and the UN Development Programme, and with the support of UNICEF, the presentation was held on December 12. The aim was to formally present “The basics of First Aid” and “First Psychological Support in Emergency Situations” manuals and the “Roadmap of Extreme Psychological Support” brochure.

These manuals have been developed and printed as part of the the “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform Capacities in Armenia” project, funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection․ ... Read More

Disaster Risk Management Plans are being developed for Alaverdi, Amasia, Tumanyan and Berd Communities

Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Plans are under development for Alaverdi, Amasia, Tumanyan and Berd consolidated Communities.

The Disaster Risk Management Plan aim is to establish and develop a DRM system in the community. The DRM system is a set of processes and functions designed to strengthen disaster resilience capacities of community, prevent or prevention hazards, reduce the potential negative impact of these hazards, and contribute to the sustainable development of the community and society. ... Read More