The platform is ready

Disaster risk reduction is part of sustainable development, requiring a community-based and multi-sectoral approach. Thus, the best way of enhancing disaster preparedness is educating the citizens, by providing information that can help during emergencies.

UNDP in Armenia ImpactAim Venture Accelerator team jointly with partners from ISTC Foundation and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), has created a new practical tool for citizens –, aimed to educate and ensure disaster response preparedness among the young and adult population of Armenia. ... Read More

The COVID-19 socio-economic impact assessment report is ready

We would like to introduce you the report on COVID-19 socio-economic impact assessment (SEIA) of communities in Armenia.

The SEIA has revealed interlinked factors increasing the systemic impact of COVID-19 on the health, economy and social life of people in Armenian communities. The findings of the multidimensional impact assessment were discussed and triangulated with stakeholders in all regions (marzes) of Armenia and Yerevan. Based on the results of the assessment and inputs from the regional stakeholders and seasoned experts involved in the SEIA, a set of targeted recommendations and suggestions were proposed. ... Read More