“Risk Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change” Theme Group Meeting

In “House of Hope” charity center “Risk Mitigation and adaptation of Climate Change” thematic group ordinal meeting was held, the main aim of which was the presentation of tested and succeed technology by the activity implementing organizations of climate change reduction field, as well as the presentation of the achieved agreements (agriculture insurance, providing of subsidized loans) as a result of the thematic group works during the last half of the year.

The participants of the meeting were Gurgen Boshyan from Armenian World Vision organization, Gohar Hovhannisyan from UNDP, Tigran Tovmasyan and Seda Kalantaryan from UNICEF, Movses Poghosyan, Ara Barseghyan, Tatevik Barseghyan and Lilit Hovhannisyan from DRR NP Foundation, Aleksey Petrosyan from OXFAM Armenia, Hrachya Thpnetsyan from RA Ministry of Agriculture, Artak Martirosyan from “Ingo Armenia” insurance company.

In the result of discussions the participants came to the conclusion that for the productive solution of the represented issues the coordination of efforts and resources of all stakeholders are needed in the framework of Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform.

It was decided to work in the following fields:
1. To combine state organizations, international non-governmental organizations, banks and insurance companies interested in agriculture field in the frameworks of DRR NP,
2. Clarify existing legislation in the field of agriculture insurance and the provision of subsidized loans.
3. To develop agricultural localized risk assessment methodology and tools by application of international best practices.
4. To select the best international model of insurance mechanisms investment acceptable for Armenia, localize it and test in one or several communities.
5. To develop and offer lending mechanisms of agricultural insurance and provision of loans based on the analysis of results.

You can view the photos by following link.