On September 8-9, DRR National Platform Foundation and United Nations Children’s Fund jointly organized a methodology training on “Disaster Risk Analysis” and “Local Level Risk Management”.

The training was organized for the representatives of Lori Regional Administration and 7 communities of the same region (Tumanyan, Ahnidzor, Marts, Atan, Shamut, Qarinj, Lorut).

The aim of the training was to introduce the participants with the detailed processes of the DRR and DRA/LLRM methodology.

The part of the training was “Ensure Sustainability of DRR action” program that is implemented by DRR NP and UN Child’s Fund, which is funded by the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and Civil protection Department within Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO).

The first day of the training experts presented the Hyogo Framework for Action and Sendai program, DRR strategy review process, DRA/LLRM common methodology for the implementation of the objectives, methodology involves research and analytical tools and applying techniques, the formation of DRR community teams’ approaches and community risk certificate. The second day, the representatives of the communities were split into small groups during the day used DRA/LLRM tools included in the methodology and at the end presented the results.

In the next phase, the specialized group (LORE rescue team) will visit above mentioned communities to apply LLRM methodology.