Gender Equality, Legal and Institutional Framework, and the Methodology of Gender Mainstreaming

On March 3-4 ”Gender equality, legal and institutional framework, and the methodology of gender mainstreaming” training was held, which was for DRR experts. The training was conducted by Armine Hovhannisyan, responsibe for gender issues from UNDP.

The representatives of the following organizations participated in the training: Oxfam, UNICEF, UNDP, UMCOR, Save the Children, ARNAP, World Vision, CARD, Armenian Young Women’s Association (AYWA) NGO, Support to Communities (STC) NGO.

Variety of topics were discussed, including gender roles in the Society, Access/ Control of Resources, Equality of Opportunities, gender Equality Theory, explanations of concepts etc., comparisons were carried on gender and crisis prevention, mitigation and sustainable development. On the second day of the course also were discussed the issues connected with the development of concept.
You can view the photos by following link.