LLRM Manual developing team visited Zovuni community

With the initiative of RA Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) and with the support of DRR National Platform Foundation, UN Development Programme and UN Child’s Fund, the development of Local Level Risk Management Methodology Manual is being developed.

To support the development process of the guideline, a training on LLRM methodology was organized and carried out for the RA MES employees, who are involved in the guideline development processes.

The training is carried out through several phases and consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is implemented in RA MES, and the practical one in Zovuni community.

On March 10, 2017 the second phase of the training was held. The guideline developing team visited Zovuni community to collect dates on hazards, vulnerability and capacities and to form community DRR team. Lore rescue team, that has a rich experience in conducting LLRM research, started the work of collecting dates with the guideline developing team. During the date collection process, Guideline developing team learned practically the application of each tool included in LLRM methodology.

Taking into account the size of the community, RA MES Crisis Management State Academy students will support Guideline developing team to continue the dates collection.

After the dates collection they will be digitized, then the date analysis, hazards, vulnerability and capacity assessment activities will start.

You can learn more about the first phase of the training here.
You can view the photos by following link.