Pilot on “Preschool Educational Institutions’ Disaster Risk Management Plan” draft version in Kapan kindergartens

26.02-03.03.2018: The “Preschool Educational Institutions’ Disaster Risk Management Plan” draft, which was developed by the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations with the support of Save the Children’s Office in Armenia, was piloted.

This time, the pilot was implemented in 1, 4 and 9 kindergartens in Kapan community within the frame of “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform Capacities in Armenia” programme, implemented by UN Development Programme (UNDP) and DRR National Platform foundation (DRR NP), funded by the DG European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO).

The objective of the process was to identify the existing gaps in the Kindergartens’ DRM draft plan and taking these into consideration while finalizing it.

In order to provide the accessibility of the plan, the whole plan was developed by the kindergarten staff and only in the case of necessity the MES associates supported them.

The “Preschool Educational Institutions’ Disaster Risk Management Plan” aims to reduce the disaster risk for the kindergartens, rapid and effective response to emergencies, as well as, to provide the educational process continuity.
Besides the plan piloting, evacuation drills were conducted at each kindergarten, during which the main and backup routes for evacuation were clarified. At the end, with the financial support of the UNDP, the evacuation plans and signs were posted on the kindergartens.

As a result of the pilot, the following were identified and suggested:
1. As the kindergartens don’t have their own budget and are funded by the Community Administration, it was decided to classify the proposed DRM solutions into two groups: the ones that can be solved by the kindergartens without Community Administration support, and the solutions that are directly related to kindergartens, but their implementation have to be ensured by the Community Administration.

2. Add the method of “Solutions and prioritization decision” in the plan, which will enable kindergarten to define solutions based on priorities.

3. To add in the plan a schematic map of safe roads from home to kindergarten and from kindergarten to home.

Representatives from kindergartens, schools, RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, RA MES Syunik Marz rescue department, Community Administration, UNDP, ARNAP Foundation, business sector, as well as students were involved in the process.