Hospital safety 1

A new project is launched to strengthen the Disaster risk management capacities of medical institutions

The ARNAP Foundation, with the financial support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and with the direct involvement and support of the RA Ministries of Health and Emergency Situations of the Republic, has launched a new project aimed at strengthening the disaster risk management capacities of medical institutions in Armenia.

The project will be implemented in “Vagharshapat hospital” SCJSC, “Ijevan Medical Center” CJSC and “Hematology center after professor R. Yeolyan” CJSC. The medical institutions were proposed by the RA Ministry of Health and it discussed with the parties involved in the project.

The project can be considered as a pilot one since it also aims to obtain a model of DRR capacity building for medical institutions, consisting of a number of processes and tools that will be offered to other medical institutions in the future.
The implementation of this project is also a requirement of time, taking into account the situation caused by the COVID-19, the catastrophic experience of the past and the lessons learned (Spitak earthquake, 1988).

The project envisages:
1. Use the World Health Organization (WHO) “Hospital Safety Index” methodology, which will be conducted by experts from the RA Ministry of Health
2. Pilot the “DRM model Plan for Medical Institutions” developed by the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations. The pilot will allow it to be finalized, submitted to the interested bodies for discussion, and then approved by the competent bodies.
3. Carry out the seismic vulnerability assessment of medical institutions by the relevant specialized structure.
4. Carry out current meetings of the relevant ARNAP thematic group to present and discuss the results, as well as trainings, tabletop exercises (earthquake and pandemic topics) in selected medical institutions.

The project is scheduled to be completed in the second half of September 2020.