About Us

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1. Short Description

Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform was established as Foundation by the Government of Armenia in 2010, aimed to establish a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary mechanism for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience building with involvement of all stakeholders.

DRRNP is the main vehicle for organizing a stakeholder dialog and coordination for key issues related to the DRR capacity building in Armenia. Platform assisted the MES in the policy development process, including development and monitoring of DRR/DRM Strategies in Armenia, creation of the National Disaster Loss Database, and many other initiatives, which currently form the strong basis for DRR work in the country.

Since 2010, DRR NP is providing the Government with all around support for the implementation of HFA and Sendai framework for DRR, DRR/DRM National Strategy, through supporting the DRR national authorities and partners in:
• ensuring wider consideration of disaster risk accelerating factors,
• expanding the DRR knowledge throughout formal and informal education,
• providing equal opportunities and ensuring gender balance and inclusiveness,
• considering and managing DRR development interrelation providing models for short- and long-term solutions,
• introducing and promoting “Making cities resilient” campaign in Armenia, developing and testing Community Resilience Certificates and Action Plans for 25 Cities of Armenia officially joined the UNISDR City Resilience Campaign,
• mainstreaming DRR into the Government Programmes and local development plans.
• Advocating and developing capacities for policy and legislations for DRR.
• Foster Partnership and environment for developing a culture of resilience and advocacy for disaster risk informed development at communities.

During the past years (2018), DRR NP has developed unique capacities to engage DRR stakeholders in policy discussion and programs’ implementation; it has a comprehensive roster of experts and organizations which can support different topics of DRR development. DRR NP members initiate and take active part in all key process and discussions on DRR development in Armenia.

2. Full Charter and Regulation