Fulfilment of public event on “Ferry, extinguishing” theme rescue training

Oxfam and “STC” organized Fulfilment of public event on “Ferry, extinguishing” theme rescue training in the framework of Disaster Preparedness of Programme of the European Comission’s Humanitarian Aid Civil Protection Department ”Support the resistance to disasters of communities in the South Caucasus” (DIPECO).


On May 16th at 10:00 am in Yerevan Atcharyan 1 in RA Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) Crisis Management State Academy (CMSA) RA Minister Armen Yertisyan with international partners in the sphere of Disaster Risk Reduction opened Dispatcher operators’ new training center , which in the sphere of DRR is the RA’s adopted policy of bright demonstration of close cooperation with international partners.

RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, Disaster risk reduction national platform, RA MoES Crisis Management State Academy, Baden-Württemberg regional organization in Germany, UN Development Program, Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation have significant investments in the establishment of the training center, in the result of which today CMSA is equipped with a modern multifunctional simulation training center, where not only the emergency services’ dispatcher-operators of various fields, but also the specialists taught in this system will obtain their professional qualifications.
Dispatcher-operators learn the basics of first aid and stress management; they learn how to speak with the caller correctly and to orientate in time. The practical trainings are filmed and recorded, which gives opportunity to analyze the dispatcher’s activities and to identify shortcomings.
The first aid instructor in Baden-Württemberg regional organization in Germany Wolfgang Schmidt introduced the general image of the training center, and then there was shown a small drill.
Experts from Germany expressed their gratitude towards the Ministry of Emergency Situations for their contribution, in response to this Minister of Emergency Situations A. Yeritzyan told: “Not you, but we must be grateful that you and our other international partners are always by our side. I am confident that after being trained the staff of “911” service will work more effectively.

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Training for the staff of the central alarming center of <911> service

Today launched the training for the staff of the central alarming center of <911> service of Crisis Management Center of RA MoES Staff Rescue Service Operational Management department, which will take up till May 24. The seminar will be hold up by RA MoES (CMSA) lecturers of Crisis Management State Academy, Crisis Management Center (CMC) Experts and Experts from Germany. The director of DRR NP Mr. Poghosyan greeted the course of professionals and mentioned that this course is the first of its nature in RA and it is desirable that it would be continuous.

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On May 6, a “Rescue work implementation in case of a strong earthquake” public event was held in Vayots Dzor, Martiros community school. The event was organized by Oxfam Armenia and “Support to Communities” NGO within the framework of Disaster Preparedness Programme of European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Civil Protection Department /DIPECHO/.

Training objectives:
To improve the disaster response community groups capabilities in the process of public protection event management and implementation in emergencies.
– To improve the disaster response and cooperation between the community group and regional rescue administration in case of emergency situations.
– To inform the community population:
– about the disaster response community group capabilities on public protection event management and implementation in case of emergencies,
– about the effective cooperation between the community group and regional rescue administration in case of emergencies.
Martiros community Major, the school, disaster response community group, regional rescue administration and Martiros population participated in the training.

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“Risk Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change” Theme Group Meeting

In “House of Hope” charity center “Risk Mitigation and adaptation of Climate Change” thematic group ordinal meeting was held, the main aim of which was the presentation of tested and succeed technology by the activity implementing organizations of climate change reduction field, as well as the presentation of the achieved agreements (agriculture insurance, providing of subsidized loans) as a result of the thematic group works during the last half of the year.

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Armenia’s achievements in the field of DRR were presented

In the area of disaster risk reduction (DRR), Armenia has a major contribution to international development. This is evidenced by a regional conference DRR, held in Almaty from 1-3rd of April.
There Armenia presented the achievements and proposals in sphere of DRR. The conference was organized in the framework of the action plan of Hyogo program. In 2015 Hyogo Framework for Action will be completed, and proposals are being developed for the next decade, in what directions the program should be continued.
On April 8, the issue of the meeting with journalists was a continuation of Hyogo Framework for Action and the achievements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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HFA 2 – DRR Regional Consultation

On 1-2 of April the UN Central Asia and South Caucasus Disaster Risk Reduction regional conference held in Alma-Ata, the aim of which was to discuss the guarantee of continuity of HFA 2 after 2015. Sixty representatives from seven countries participated in the conference. Director of MoES Rescue Service, Nikolay Grigoryan, director of DRR National Platform (ARNAP) Foundation Movses Poghosyan, rector of Crisis Management State Academy Hamlet Matevosyan, UNDP DRR program coordinator Armen Chilingaryan, head of department of Ministry of Health, Division of Maternal and reproductive health Gayane Avagyan, DRR program officer of OXFAM international organization Zaruhi Tonoyan, program coordinator of “Support to Communities” BNGO Karine Gabrielyan participated from Republic of Armenia. Below is the official statement of RA about HFA 2, which was presented by Mr. Grigoryan.

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HFA 2 – Conference in Yerevan

Today, in the framework of DRR National Platform a conference was held in Ani Hotel.
The purpose of the meeting:
RA MoES, UNDP, UNICEF, OXFAM, Armenian Red Cross, CARD, World Vision Armenia, CMSA’s, SDC and <> media center in the framework of DRR National platform (ARNAP) organized a conference directed to development of HFA–2, during which the official position of the Republic of Armenia and package of development issues directed to HFA 2 were discussed.
During the meeting were presented,
• HFA achievements in recent years.
• The initial version of the recommendations of the Republic of Armenia,
• The official position and approaches of international organizations operating in the field of DRR.

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Korean boost for city resilience

INCHEON, 18 March 2014 – A new global capacity building initiative to strengthen resilience of cities around the world was launched today.
In a significant landmark for the thriving Making Cities Resilient Campaign of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), 25 high level city officials from seven countries began three days of practical discussions to hone Action Plans to boost their cities’ resilience.
One of the forum’s senior representatives is Mikayel Gharakeshishyan, the Mayor of Stepanavan, a city of 20,000 people in Armenia. “Our main hazards include earthquake, fire, strong wind, landslide, and hail but we aim to manage our city’s development – including as a sustainable centre for tourism – by addressing the disaster risk we face,” the Mayor said.
Mr Gharakeshishyan is the first mayor in Armenia to pilot a disaster risk assessment on which his city’s resilience action plan will be based.

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Gender Equality, Legal and Institutional Framework, and the Methodology of Gender Mainstreaming

On March 3-4 ”Gender equality, legal and institutional framework, and the methodology of gender mainstreaming” training was held, which was for DRR experts. The training was conducted by Armine Hovhannisyan, responsibe for gender issues from UNDP.

The representatives of the following organizations participated in the training: Oxfam, UNICEF, UNDP, UMCOR, Save the Children, ARNAP, World Vision, CARD, Armenian Young Women’s Association (AYWA) NGO, Support to Communities (STC) NGO.

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